Serving Suggestions

Our ready to eat entrée and side dishes encourage your creative touch. Plate and enjoy!
Here are a few of our Chef’s inspirations for lunch and dinner serving suggestions

Serve 2-3 warmed granny’s mini apple pie on a platter.
Dust with icing sugar and compliment with a dollop of whipping cream or ice cream. A side garnish of fresh apple with a warm caramel dip upgrades the presentation.

For a comfort food lunch, plate 1-2 warmed home style chicken dinner pockets alongside a seasonal side salad. Add a small boat of gravy-perfect for dipping.

For a satisfying dinner, plate 1-2 Warmed British Pub Style Beef Pockets with traditional Veggies and mashed potatoes. With Beef gravy on the side, this simple meal is a crowd pleaser.


Handmade Samosas Serve with our mango date chutney as a dipping sauce.
Delicious with a cool, crisp side salad.
Cut in half for plating or 1/2 size servings.
Pakora and Fritters Serve as a side dish instead of rice.
A great addition to an "Appy platter"
Skewer Veggie Pakora alternating with robust vegetables for a unique vegetarian meal.
Savory Sauces Use as a traditional sauce.
Use as a meat marinade.
Terrific as a BBQ baste.
Add a Tsp to soups, stews and stock.