Women at Work

Nana’s Kitchen began as a small restaurant producing delicious family style ethnic meals in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

Founders, NASIM and SHELINA, created a restaurant that was well known for wonderful aromas, lots of laughter and for providing job opportunities to new Canadian women.

Many of the women who came to work at the original restaurant were immigrants with little or no English language skills and a limited understanding of their new culture in Canada. With heartfelt support, NASIM and SHELINA recognized that “having a job” provided many of these women with more than an income; it provided a place to learn and practice English, become confident and assert their independence. As NASIM and SHELINA are fluent in many languages and dialects, people from many home nations found comfort and a warm welcome working at Nana’s Kitchen.

Today, within our production facility you can see people from many diverse backgrounds sharing in work projects and lunchtime fun. Although they may come from home countries that may be at odds with each other, within Nana’s Kitchen there is respect and care for all, regardless of religion or nationality. At Nana’s Kitchen we celebrate both Diwali and Christmas -practically any season or reason to eat and have a laugh together is welcomed!

If you ask Shelina “what has been your proudest day in business”, she will not quote awards or talk about sales successes.

Instead, she will share the story of Jenny, who had passed her driver’s licence test and saved enough money to buy herself a brand new car! Where Jenny immigrated from, this type of independence and autonomy would not have be possible. This is what made this milestone a true point of light for all.

15 years later, we are proud that several of our original women staff from the restaurant days remain with Nana’s Kitchen and now hold prestigious roles in management. We remain a place of wonderful aromas and certainly lots of laughter.

Nana's Kitchen Restaurant 1990s