Food Service Market

Our Food Service customers appreciate Nana’s Kitchen’s commitment to:

• Nana’s Kitchen supports your success through development of “signature” entrée and side dish items with plating and recipe ideas to “keep it fresh”!
• We bring value to banquet and catering menus though foods that “hold well” and add variety.
• We support your non-meat meal customers with several vegetarian options.

Within the Hospitality sector, Nana’s Kitchen products are a perfect for:
• Pubs and Restaurants
• Catering and Banquet facilities
• Room service and hotel dinning
• Tourism locations
• Coffee bars and kiosks
• Cafeteria and Grab and go dinning
• University and school dinning

• Nana’s Kitchen new products are developed with your resident’s nutritional needs in mind.
• We offer entrée products that are cost sensitive to fit your per diem.
• We offer “comfort foods” with familiar taste profiles to improve your resident’s enjoyment of life!
• We know that puree and special diets are your concern so we produce to meet those needs.

Within the Healthcare and Senior Living community, Nanas Kitchen is a good fit for:
• Active living and Assisted Living Communities
• Residential Care
• Complex Care Facilities
• Acute Care Hospitals
• Rehab and Specialized Facilities