Did you know that every global culture has their own version of a pastry wrapped “Comfort Food”?
From the yummy Asian curry beef buns (Ga Lei Bao), to a Swedish sweet almond strudel (Sötsaker); everywhere in the world, comfort food comes wrapped in a pastry!
In our R&D test kitchen, we develop products “that remind us of our own Nana’s kitchen”. From savory meat pies, spicy samosas, fritters, and mini apple pies; we make unique items to capture what your customers are craving. Convenient Comfort Foods with a Global Taste Profile.

Our Food Service customers appreciate our commitment to:
• Nana’s Kitchen supports your success with “signature” entrée and side dish items.
• We offer plating and recipe ideas to “keep it fresh”!
• We bring value to banquet and catering menus though foods that “hold well” and add variety.
• We support your meat-free meal customers with several vegetarian options.

• Nana’s Kitchen new products are developed with your resident’s nutritional needs in mind.
• We offer entrée products that are cost sensitive to meet your per diem.
• We offer “comfort foods” with familiar taste profiles to improve your resident’s enjoyment of life!
• We know that puree and special diets are your concern so we produce to meet those needs.

Nana’s Kitchen is a leading manufacturer of HACCP Certified, BRC Global Standard frozen entrée items for Grocery Retail and Foodservice customers across North America. Our passion is to provide the best quality comfort foods with the highest standards in food safe production to you and your customers.