Food Safety

Nana’s Kitchen is a leading manufacturer of HACCP Certified, BRC Global Standard frozen entrée items for Grocery Retail and Foodservice customers across North America.
Did you know that in Canada, being a federally certified and inspected food manufacturer, is voluntary? That means; there is no law protecting food service and grocery retail consumers from foods being produced in a less than regulatory standard facility.
By contrast, HACCP certified manufacturers invest a lot of time and money to make ensure that their facility, employee procedures, ingredients, packing and distribution are regulated on a daily basis.
Nana’s Kitchen is FEDERALLY HACCP CERTIFIED and has been awarded BRC (British Retail Consortium) GLOBAL STANDARD for food production. We are proud to be CFIA inspected with a government officer onsite, watching the production of the handmade foods we produce.

What does HACCP mean to your health?
• Monitoring critical control points along the way, prevents food contamination.
• Standard operating procedures for raw foods, protect you from bacteria.
• Recall processes protect you from serving un-safe foods.
• Traceability of all of our vendors means we can check were each ingredient in our products came from and source back to protect your food safe health.