Nana's Kitchen

Handmade Samosas

Enjoy a variety of sizes (40g, 100g, and 140g) for a terrific lunch, dinner or appetizer.

Vegetable Samosa

Parsley infused pastry surrounds this medley of vegetables tossed in a warm savory seasoning. Peas, carrots and potatoes make this a favorite meal and one of our top sellers. HOSPITALITY TIP:  This vegetarian menu item gives you a great entree (140g/4.94oz) option for your customers that are looking for a meat-free choice. The (40g/1.41oz) version…

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Butter Chicken Samosa

Enjoy all the flavour of a yummy butter chicken dinner in a ready to eat samosa. Chicken with rice and vegetables in our legendary butter chicken seasoning inside a crispy pastry. HOSPITALITY TIP:  This popular taste profile makes it a menu favorite. Holds well (one-hour or more) on the warming table for buffet serving. HEALTHCARE…

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Chicken Tandoori Samosa

Chicken with basmati rice, carrots, peas and onions come alive in our flavorful tandoori masala spice blend which is folded into a tomato infused pastry. HOSPITALITY TIP: Turn up the flavor on your lunch and dinner menu! The Tandoori chicken filling with rice and vegetables serves well with yam fries or salad and a cool…

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Chicken Samosa

Chicken bursting with peas, potatoes and carrots are surrounded by a warm Indian spice blend and folded into a pastry with a crispy taste sensation. One of our most popular choices! HOSPITALITY TIP:  Available in three sizes to suit your entrée or appetizer menus.  We suggest plating 2 pc of the 140gm along with a…

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Beef Samosa

Hearty beef with onion and potato are infused with a tangy garlic and spice blend which is folded into a pastry that is seasoned with red and green peppers and carrot. Ideal for the meat lovers! HOSPITALITY TIP:  Serves well as a lunch entree (140gm) with a small green salad. A cool, creamy yogurt or…

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Lentil Samosa

Quinoa was originally domesticated in the Andes region 3000-4000 years ago. The Incas believed quinoa to be sacred and called it “The mother of all grains”. Today we know it as a “super food” due to its high protein and nutritional value. This vegetarian samosa features green and red lentils with organic quinoa in a…

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Cajun Samosa

Inspired by Cajun bean dishes of the south, this spicy samosa features black beans, kernel corn, carrots and basmati rice folded into a red pepper infused pastry. HOSPITALITY TIP: This meat-free but flavor-filled meal (140gm) also packs well as a grab and go item. To add a unique “zing” to your current appetizer platter, cut…

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