Nana's Kitchen

Our Team

 Nana’s Kitchen values diversity and inclusion in our workplace. All things with love and respect, our lunchroom is usually full of laughter and a few sweets to share.
Production – This is where the magic happens! Our highly skilled production team handmakes up to 25,000 pastry items each day.
Cooking – Under the direction of our production supervisor and head cook, we proudly make the fillings for all our pastry items.
Frying- Using 100% Canadian canola oil, we batch fry our pastry to a  golden delicious colour for the perfect crispy taste.
R&D Product Development – With care for healthy nutritionals and local ingredients, we develop new flavors and recipes that remind you of your Nana’s Kitchen.

Warehouse – We work hard to ensure that fresh product is packaged, labeled, and ready for your order.

Administration – We enjoy pleasing our customers and are happy to handle your AP/AR and incoming orders with pride.

Quality Assurance – Think of us as your ‘food police’. With  vigilance and high attention to detail we ensure and protect consumer’s food safety and insist on the highest quality of finished products.