Nana's Kitchen


Nana’s Kitchen has a long legacy of giving back within the local and global community.

On a global level our founders Nasim and Shelina have contributed to the SOS village in northern Africa since the early 1970’s. Later, they extended their outreach to help with education, housing and practical support to a charity in Tanzania that supports a leprosy village.

Locally Nana’s Kitchen provides ongoing food service donations to the local the food bank. Each year Nana’s Kitchen participates locally in the World Partnership Walk which raises funds to end world poverty.

This year in April 6th, 2019 Nana’s Kitchen was part of the Salama Gala that helped raise over $90,000.00 that will go to the Canadian Cancer Society, and to help support families and children with cancer.

Nana’s Kitchen is proud to be a supporter to the BC Children’s Hospital