Nana's Kitchen


Did you know that every global culture has their own version of a pastry wrapped “comfort food”?
From Asian curry beef buns to Swedish sweet strudels, comfort foods unite us as a global culture. These foods often remind us of our own Nana’s kitchen and the special foods that she made. 

At Nana’s Kitchen, our mission is to produce Convenient Comfort Foods with a Global Taste! Since 2000 we have been producing flavorful, ready to eat items for Food Service and Grocery Retail customers across Canada and the USA. We are proud to supply handmade savory and sweet entrée items that are inspired by the culture, caring and kitchen memories of many “Nana’s” all over the world. Our products feature 70%-80% Pacific Northwest Ingredients.

Nana’s Kitchen is a leading manufacturer of HACCP Certified, BRC Global Standard frozen entrée items for Grocery Retail and Food Service customers across North America. Our passion is to provide you and your customers the best quality comfort foods with the highest standards in food safety.