Nana's Kitchen

Women at Work

 Nana’s Kitchen began as a small restaurant producing delicious family style ethnic meals in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.

Co-founders Nasim and Shelina created a small restaurant that was well known for wonderful aromas, lots of laughter and for providing job opportunities to new Canadian women.

Many of the women who came to work at the original restaurant were new Canadians who had limited English language skills and lacked understanding of their new culture in Canada. Nasim and Shelina who were also immigrants to Canada, recognized that “having a job” provided more than an income; it provided a place to become confident and independent as new Canadians.

Within Nana’s Kitchen there is respect and care for all people regardless of race, religion or nationality. At Nana’s Kitchen, we celebrate all traditions from Diwali to Christmas. After all, any reason to eat and have a celebration together is welcomed at Nana’s Kitchen.

We are proud that several of our original women staff from the restaurant days remain with Nana’s Kitchen. However, they now hold prestigious roles in administration and management.

Nana’s Kitchen staff room in the early restaurant years.