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Mango Date Chutney
4X2L Liter Bottle Canada

This Sauce is a perfect marriage between Fresh Mangos and Dates. This is a sweet sauce the chases with a bit of spice and goes well with our Samosas, and wraps. Want to spice up your chicken program This
can be used with dilution to make a marinate for different meats as well.

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CDN SCC Code: 10 813693 00151 6

Date of First Issue: Aug 09, 2018

Revision Date:  Aug 31, 2020

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Mango Date Chutney (L/g): 4X2L (2kg)

Case Dimension: 9.75” X 9.5” X 11.25”

Case Cube: 0.60

Pallet: 5 X 4 X 3 = 60

Height: 39”

Lot Code Bulk Products only: Year, Month, Date, Batch Number, Eg. 2019JL30-1 is produced on 2019, July, 30, Batch 1

Shelf Life : 2yrs at Room Temperature REFRIGERATE AFTER OPENING Shake well before using.

Microbiological Guidelines: 1) SPC……<10,000/cfu/g    2)Y/M……<1,000/cfu/g      3) Total Coliforms……<100 mpn/g 4) E.Coli-0157:H7………Negative    5) Samonella…………Negative    6) Listeria………..Negative

Indicator of Spoilage / unacceptable product: Mold

Consumers: Food Service, General public

Product of Canada

Safety for Your Customer

The only Samosa Manufacturer in British Columbia
that is HACCP, BRC, and SQF. This attribute will
ensure the safety of the product that you provide to
your customer.


We Manufacture our Products at our facility in
Surrey, BC Canada which borders with Washington
State. With over 60 female employees, Nana’s
Kitchen gives the opportunity to empower women
from all walks of life.

Nutritional Information and Ingredients:


: Water, Fresh Frozen Mangoes, Sugar, Dates, Vinegar, Mango Powder, Salt, Corn Starch, Chili Powder, Turmeric Powder, Beet Powder (Dehydrated Beetroot, Silicon Dioxide), Xanthan Gum, Ginger Powder.

Serving Instructions

The combination of mango date in our chutney is exclusive to Nana’s Kitchen and has a bold mango taste with a subtle spice blend of ginger, turmeric and chili. excellent as a condiment to accompany wraps, breaded shrimp or pork entrees. wonderful as a dip for appetizers. delicious as a glaze for grilled salmon or chicken

Storage Temperature

20°C / 68°F


Eau, Mangues fraîches congelées, Sucre, Dattes, Vinaigre, Poudre de mangue, Sel, Amidon de maïs, Poudre de chili rouge, Poudre de curcuma, Poudre de betterave (betterave rouge, Agent anti- agglomérant E470a), Gomme de xanthane, Poudre de gingembre.

Suggestion De Présentation:

La combinaison de dattes et de mangue dans notre chutney est exclusive à la Cuisine de Nana et donne un goût de mangue vif avec un mélange épicé subtil de gingembre, de curcuma et de piment chili. C’est un excellent condiment pour accompagner des roulés, des crevettes panées ou des mets au porc. Il est merveilleux comme trempette pour les hors-d’oeuvre, délicieux comme glacis pour le saumon grillé ou le poulet.