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Quality Assurance

At Nana’s Kitchen, we are proud to have a Quality Assurance team that works to ensure we meet and exceed the global standards for food production safety.

Quality Assurance

Nana’s Kitchen follows specific and measurable systems to ensure food safety to deliver a final product quality that is consistent with our corporate objectives and standards.

Our quality assurance procedures and protocols uphold our company policies, formulas, specifications and regulatory requirements to ensure that all finished products meet the product quality and food safety standards as required by CFIA, USDA, HACCP and BRC Programs.

Nana’s Kitchen Quality Assurance program includes: 

  • Administer and enforce compliance with official formulas, procedures, and appropriate policy issued by CFIA & BRC STANDARDS.
  • Ensure that HACCP Program requirements are met.
  • Maintain plant quality systems in compliance with Corporate Quality Policy.
  • Lead the food safety, sanitation, technical services.
  • Ensure compliance to state, federal, and local regulations. 
  • Administer monthly testing as per CFIA requirements. 
  • Ensure that all labeling requirements are met with for both CFIA and the USDA.
  • Ensure that all plant personnel follow the GMP and HACCP guidelines by monitoring with the help of a QA Technician.
  • Develop and facilitate internal audits to determine/assess compliance to company policy and regulatory requirements.
  • Ensure effective food safety and food quality training for plant team members and quality assurance staff.

Designed with healthcare and senior living in mind, Nana’s Kitchen offers you:

  • Recipes developed to meet your resident’s nutritional needs for high protein and fibre with lower fat.
  • Entrée items that meet your daily per diem.
  • Comfort foods with familiar taste profiles that enhance your resident’s enjoyment of life!
  • Options that puree well for special diets.

Food Safety

Nana’s Kitchen is a leading manufacturer of HACCP Certified, BRC Global Standard frozen entrée items for Grocery Retail and Foodservice customers across North America.

Did you know that in Canada being a federally certified and inspected food manufacturer is voluntary?

That means there is no law protecting food service and grocery retail consumers from foods being produced in a less than regulatory standard facility.

By contrast HACCP certified manufacturers invest a lot of time and money to ensure that their facility, employee procedures, ingredients, packing and distribution are regulated on a daily basis.

Nana’s Kitchen is FEDERALLY HACCP CERTIFIED and has been awarded BRC (British Retail Consortium) GLOBAL STANDARD for food production. We are proud to be CFIA inspected with a government officer onsite, watching the production of the handmade foods we produce.


What does HACCP mean to a consumer’s health?

  • Monitoring critical control points during food production prevents food contamination.
  • Standard operating procedures (SOP’s) for how raw foods are handled and stored protect you from bacteria.
  • Recall processes protect you from un-safe foods.
  • Traceability means we can source and identify every ingredient in our products to protect your food safe health.

Many of Nana’s Kitchen products are approved on the BC Brand Name Food Guide as a CHOOSE MOST nutritionally approved menu selection for schools and universities.

HACCP Certification & BRC Global Standards

What is HACCP?

In the 1960’s NASA space program developed a state of the art food safety protocol called HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point).
By identifying the hazards within food production, NASA realized they were better able to put preventative measure and protocols in place (CCP’s). Therefore, HACCP became critical to astronaut’s safety and the success of their space missions.

Today, HACCP is still the leading food safety program followed by the top food manufacturers.

What is BRC Global Standard?

BRC Global Standard is the leading safety and quality certification program used by over 22,000 certificated suppliers in 123 countries.

BRC Global Standard are now often a fundamental requirement of leading retailers. These standards include and guarantee quality, safety and operational criteria and ensure that manufacturers fulfil their legal obligations and provide protection for the end consumer. 

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